Limewire Users May be Sharing More than Music Files

Users of Limewire could have unintentionally be sharing personal information with anyone online.

Levi Dahlstorm was the one who made the discovery when he was using Limewire, the file sharing program, to browse for new music.

Once he found what he wanted, he started the download and decided to see who the music was coming from.

In the user's share folder was not just music and videos; there was also private information that most people try to keep from the public's eye.

Here is how file sharing programs work. You download the program, it asks what folders you'd like to share with others, and everytime you are online it shares those programs with the program's subscribers.

Limewire says it's a quick fix. Go into the system set up and make sure the folder you are sharing with the program is the one you want everyone to tap into. And make sure the files in the folder are the only ones you want to share.

Levi says he's turning over the information he collected to authorities. He just wanted to alert those using Limewire that the danger is out there.