Mesa County Meth Ring Busted

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The Western Colorado Drug Task Force now believes it has completely shut down a Mesa County meth ring led by Steven Anthony Valles.

Valles, along with Robert York, Tracy Black, Lisa Murray, Denise Johann, and Jerry Houhour were arrested in Mesa County over the past week. Jennifer Williams, who was also connected to the ring, was arrested in Mississippi.

The group is being accused of distributing significant amounts of meth throughout the Grand Valley.

Warrants are still pending for a few others who authorities believe are involved in the trafficking unit.

When authorities arrested Valles, they say he had 70 grams of meth on him. They say a large amount like this usually means a person is actively selling the drug.

Residents of Niagara Circle, one of the neighborhoods where the ring was operating, say they're happy authorities have been working to get these people off the streets.

"It kind of scares me seeing as how I have kids over all the time," said Jeramy Smith, who lives on Niagara Circle. "There's a lot of kids that live in this neighborhood and I'm glad they're doing something about it finally. There's a lot of that stuff going around in this town and it's getting out of control."

The Western Colorado Drug Task Force made another drug arrest Friday in an unrelated case. They took a man into custody after finding a meth lab on his property.