Breast Cancer Walk Raises Money and Hope

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Hoping to make an impact in the fight against breast cancer, nearly six hundred people participated in the 10th annual Walk 4 Life on Saturday.

The bad weather didn't shake walkers' determination to go out for a cause very dear to their hearts.

"The rain was kind of sharp," said T. Marjorie Wisenberg, a participant in the walk. "But I made it, just like everything else."

Wisenberg is a 12 year survivor of breast cancer. She says she never let the disease get her down.

"You have to have a positive attitude all the way through it and feel that you're going to make it," said Wisenberg. "That was my challenge and I did it."

The Junior Service League of Grand Junction organized the event. They say out of the 2,875 women diagnosed with breast cancer in Colorado, 105 live in Mesa County. Of those 105 women, 21 will die this year.

Wisenberg says she is blessed to be one of the ones who have made it.

"I've been very lucky," said Wisenberg. "I'm proud to say that I'm a survivor."

All proceeds from the walk will go towards breast cancer research and helping low income families pay for mammograms. Organizers say they are well on their way to their goal of $50,000. They say, however, the walk is about more than just raising money.

"We're walking for everybody that -- you never know who tomorrow could say I have breast cancer," said Heather Frost, a participant in the walk. "At least we made an effort to take part in curing it.

For survivors like Wisenberg, it's about spreading a message of hope.

"I came to prove to other women and children and men who have cancer that they can survive it, and live a normal life afterwards," said Wisenberg. "To have hope, that's a big thing -- hope and a positive attitude."