Local Group Wants To End Hunger in Grand Junction

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One local group is trying to end hunger problems here in Grand Junction. It's an issue, they say, goes unnoticed too often.

The Grand Valley Interfaith Network held its 21st annual Crop Walk in Grand Junction on Sunday. Crop stands for Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty.

A parade of people and signs made several stops throughout the downtown area at places where proceeds from the event will go. The first stop was the Outreach Day Center, where homeless people can shower and do their laundry.

The next stop was the Grand Valley Catholic Outreach Center, where more than two hundred homeless people are fed each day.

These centers that work with the homeless say events like Crop Walk are making a big difference in the local fight against hunger and poverty.

"Knowing that they have the support of the community helps with a lot of self esteem issues," said Patricia Boom, Director of the Outreach Day Center. "It helps them get back out there and know that they're understood."

During last year's Crop Walk, the Grand Valley Interfaith Network raised $5,000. The group hopes to match at least that this year.

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