Grim Problems

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One cemetery in Mesa County has unkempt grounds and unmarked graves, creating grim problems for the cemetery’s association.

The Whitewater Cemetery is one of the first in Mesa County and this is one reason it has so many problems. The cemetery has a countless number of unmarked graves and graves saying “unknown". The association says that for a long time people just assumed that they could bury relatives at their will.

While some were burying bodies, others may have been transporting them to other cemeteries for one reason or another. Members of the Whitewater Cemetery Association say that some areas in the cemetery look like they may have been dug up. To make sure this does not happen again the association has put up fence. They also want to make it clear that people need to pay the $ 250 for a burial plot.

They are asking those who have relatives buried in the cemetery to contact them.
Sue Chapman (970) 243-1808
Carol Anderson (970) 243-4879

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