Plans Finalized for New Fruita Rec Center

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The City of Fruita is that much closer to getting a new rec center, as the Fruita Parks and Rec Committee unveils its finalized plans.

After the first phase of construction, residents of Fruita will be able to enjoy a very large indoor pool, a fitness center, a senior center, and a kitchen with catering.

The committee hopes to add a gym with basketball courts and an indoor track once the first phase is complete.

The Center will cost 8.5 million dollars. Parks and Rec says that money will come from a proposed one cent sales tax increase that the city will vote on next April.

The committee believes the new center will be well worth it.

"The citizens of Fruita have been asking for this for multiple years, and it's the right time," said Fruita Parks and Rec Chair Terry Moss. "Bonds are paid off, we're just growing at a tremendous rate in the valley, and it's something the citizens of Fruita have all asked for."

Mesa County libraries is also involved with the project. They say a new Fruita library will become part of the rec center.

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