Montrose/Olathe schools performing background checks on visitors

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MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO)_Montrose High School is the latest school in the Montrose/Olathe School District to be equipped with a new security system.

Now almost every school in the district can perform background checks on visitors before they enter the building.

"People like it, I mean they like the extra accountability I think," says Montrose High School Principal James Barnhill. The school installed new doors and windows at the front entrance of the campus to compliment their new Raptor Security System.

“If they don't have anyway of identifying themselves they never get past the front office," says Barnhill.

Anyone who is not a student and wants to get inside Montrose High School must first show their drivers license to office staff. That license gets scanned into the Raptor System where the computer checks to see if they are a sex offender or have any other record that should prohibit them from entering the school. If they do, the screen turns red. If not, a visitor pass is printed with the person’s picture on it.

"It presents an opportunity for us to be making contact with those violations and keeping basically sex offenders and those types of things out of our school if they are not able to be here," says School Resource Officer Trevis Booth.

Booth works at several different schools in the Montrose area. If the Raptor System pulls a red flag at any of those schools he'll know immediately, "I actually get a text mail on my school resource cell phone that says we have a hit with a Raptor System and it will tell me what school to go to."

The Raptor system isn’t perfect though, it only works if all the school’s doors are locked.

"We always have a few issues with our kids opening those doors but for the most part they do a great job and they honor the system as anybody else does," says Barnhill

Besides early education and charter schools, every school in the Montrose/Olathe District uses the Raptor System.

"We're never going to be 100 percent safe but we'll do everything we can to make them as safe as possible," says Booth.

The Raptor System costs around $25,000 and breaks down to be about $2500 a school.

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