Accidental Death at Grand Canyon

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A four-year-old girl died today when she fell into the Grand Canyon. Her parents were walking near Mather Point, where there is no guard rail, when the girl fell. Her father raced down into the canyon while others called 911. Park officials aren't sure if the girl wandered away from her parents or if they walked close to the edge to look over. Officials say there are about two to three falls each year, but this was the first child in some time.
Here in Grand Junction, Colorado National Park officials say it is important to be aware of your surrounding while enjoying the beautiful sights. The Colorado National Monument has not seen an accidental death from falling in some time, but said two motorists have died in the last couple years driving on Rimrock Drive. Officials urge motorists to keep speeds down on the windy road and wait until they are stopped to really focus on the national attractions. At the widest point, Rimrock Drive is 22 feet across and 19 feet at its most narrow.