Convenience Store Clerk Threatened With Knife

Police are looking for a man that allegedly threatened a Grand Junction convenience store clerk with a knife.

On Wednesday afternoon, two men entered the Go–Fer Food Store at 2515 Highway 6 and 50 and began harassing the clerk, with one of the assailants telling the woman he was taking her home. The victim says customers were being harassed as well.

The victim says the men appeared drunk and did leave when asked, only to return a short time later.

"When he came back the second time, he stood at the counter, pulled out a pocket knife and said if you don't come home with me, this is what will happen to you," Clerk Susan Lamb said.

The men left the scene and headed eastbound and police are on the lookout for a red Grand Am and the man who pulled the knife is described to be a white male around 50-years-old and was wearing a white t–shirt and jeans and a black hat.

If you spot the vehicle you are asked to contact police.