Time To Winterize Those Swamp Coolers

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With summer coming to an end and winter just around the corner, its time to start winterizing your swamp coolers. Before climbing onto the roof, its important to make sure to keep safe.
Make sure sure your ladder is on firm ground and that the rungs can be reached at arms length while standing at the foot of the ladder.
Remember to turn off the water source to your cooler before winterizing it. The valve is usually located near the water heater but can also be found under the closest sink.
Once the water is turned off, unplug the cooler's motor and remove the belt. This helps extend the life of the belt over time.
Remove the water supply to the cooler and drain or vacuum the excess water in the line to prevent it freezing and breaking.
At this time drain the water reservoir and replace the side panels securely. A cooler cover helps prevent wear but is not a necessity.