Recent Toy Recalls Send Parents into Frenzy

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With all the latest toy recalls, parents across the Grand Valley are thinking twice about buying toys for their children. The recalls even have some parents asking if any toys are safe.

"I think we're at a loss here," said concerned parent Donella Bouska. "It's kind of scary."

Bouska was visiting the toy store Friday morning to shop for her nephew. She says the recent recalls have left him with few things to play with.

"We had to throw out so many things because they're coming from China," said Bouska. "We're trying to find him something that he can play with that we're not going to be worried about him putting in his mouth and getting sick."

As more companies come forward saying their toys may contain dangerous levels of lead paint, Bouska says it becomes harder and harder to find toys for her own kids.

"We haven't bought our girls anything because we don't know what they're made of," said Bouska.

While parents spend their time worrying, stores are taking action. Many stores are posting signs with recall information to let parents know which toys might not be safe for their kids.

The workers at Toys For the Fun of It in downtown Grand Junction say safety is their number one concern.

"We also remove all the products from the shelves and when we have records we actually go back and contact the customers that have bought those products," said owner Mike Allen. "We make sure we are removing them from the public."

Allen says recalled toys are being replenished in his store with new, safe ones. He also says with all the precautions stores, parents don't need to worry.

"It is totally safe to buy toys," said Allen. "Kids need toys -- they really do."

For more information on these toy recalls and what to do if your child has one, click on News Links at the top of your screen.

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