Governor Ritter Visits Grand Junction

Governor Ritter visited Grand Junction to take a look at how different organizations in Mesa County work together with mesa State College.

It all revolves around education and the work force. Governor Ritter wanted to see the partnerships the college has with agencies like School District 51; working together to get kids out of K-12 and into higher education programs that will meet workforce demands.

Different members of the city, county, and business community, along with Mesa State College got together to help Governor Ritter get a better understanding of how everyone works together to get more people ready for the workforce.

The Governor seemed to be impressed, "Interesting from little I heard this community thinks about that. Focusing on it, the way we want to statewide. To look and ask the question whats the workforce demand for next five years and ten years and further educated kids today to meet that demand. Mesa State has a good sense of that already."

The rest of the Governor's trip to the city includes a round table discussion with business leaders and a presentation in front of the Western Colorado Congress.

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