"The Great Pumpkin Adventure"

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This Halloween season there's a little something extra on the shelves at Enstrom's Candy Co. Michele Blasdel, an Assistant Manager of the Fruita store wrote a children's book that some say is sweeter than the candy it sits next to.

More than ten years ago Blasdel and her husband opened a pumpkin patch that quickly grew bigger and bigger, and eventually changed how kids would remember Halloween. Soon she decided to put the many stories into a book, "The Great Pumpkin Adventure", so that kids everywhere could get a taste.

The book is about a boy named James and his quest to find the perfect pumpkin. "The Great Pumpkin Adventure" also features a corn maze and James' journey through it, but Blasdel's goal wasn't just to tell kids about Halloween but to teach them lessons they can carry with them through life. Even though the Blasdel's decided to close their pumpkin patch, Michele hopes that her book will carry its memory.

"The Great Pumpkin Adventure" is available at both Enstrom's location for only $6.00.

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