2009 Digital T.V. Signal Switch

T.V. watchers, if you still have rabbit ears on your television, they will need to be upgraded in one year.

Even in the age of behemoth T.V.’s, believe it or not up to one in five American households still get their signal using the old–fashioned antenna. The government and broadcasters are getting the word out, especially to seniors and in rural areas, about the coming, sweeping switch to digital T.V.

Consumers have choices to make the transition:
The cheapest is a converter box, available next year for about $60.00.
You’ll want to keep your antenna for that.

You can also get cable or satellite service or buy a new set with a digital tuner. Check yours first, though, to make sure you don't have one.

The reason for the switch goes back to 9-11, when congress saw a need. Broadcasters stress that viewers win with digital, with a better picture and better sound.