Moon Farm Day Camp Closing

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After 32 years, Moon Farm is closing its day camp. From horse back riding to snuggling rabbits, to digging for dinosaur bones; these are just some of the lasting memories thousands of children have made over the years at the camp.

Each summer the day camp saw more than 500 families and an average of 150 kids a day. Knowing the closure of the camp would affect so many people is the reason the Moons are announcing it now.

The Moon Farm's day camp falls under day care. The family says the standards and costs that go along with day care just became too overwhelming.

Parents and children say they are upset the farm is closing its day camp but that they understand. The Moons hope that someone else in the Grand Valley will open their doors and offer children a new and unique way to spend their summers and that they find as much joy as they did.

The Moon family wants to stress that Moon Farm isn't closing, just the day camp. The farm is open for visitors from April through October six days a week.

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