Federal Health Advisers: Don't Use Cold and Cough Medicine for Kids 6yo or Younger

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Federal health advisers have recommended that cold and cough medicines not be used in children under six.

F.D.A officals met for the second time today near Washington, D.C. to discuss the safety of pediatric cold and cough medicine.

For the past two days committee members have heard pediatricians urge them to restrict over–the–counter use of cold medicines for young children. Health officials cite evidence the drugs are ineffective and may be hazardous.

Manufacturers say the drugs are safe when used appropriately, and say potential risks can be avoided by educating parents.

However, pediatricians say this is not enough and that the drug labels should reflect the risks involved.

The advisory panel has already concluded that it is not proper to assume cold products work in children under 12 because they work in adults.

Last week, drug makers voluntarilypulled oral cough and cold medicines from the shelves for children under two.

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