Rockies Fans Try Everything To Get World Series Tickets

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Tickets to games three, four, and five of the World Series are sold out now, but Rockies fans all over the Grand Valley spent most of Tuesday doing whatever they could to get their hands on the hottest tickets in town.

Although a slow start had people thinking there was another crash, the Rockies organization says it was just heavy traffic on its website. While a few fans were finally able to get their tickets, many had no more luck Tuesday than they did Monday.

"We had ten family members online for two and a half hours today and none of us got through," said Rockies fan Tami Johnson. "Not one of us."

"It kind of feels like the lottery which is not a winnable thing," said Rockies fan Donna Minder. "I'm going to be really frustrated if I find out everybody else has tickets out there."

Even though many fans were not able to buy tickets online Tuesday afternoon, they didn't quite throw in the towel.

Hundreds gathered at Gene Taylor's in Grand Junction Tuesday night where a local radio station was giving away a pair of World Series ticket, giving those fans a glimmer of hope that there was still some way to get to Coors Field.

"They're drawing two more tickets," said Rockies fan Terry Mumby. "I've got a chance just like everybody else."

At the end of the day, however, only one fan walked away with the coveted tickets. Josh Foster, a local baseball coach says he never thought he'd actually get to see the Rockies play in their first World Series.

"I'm really excited to go see the game," said Foster. "I tried to get tickets online for about three hours. I took a chance after my wife told me to come out here, so I put my name in a drawing and got them."

With that, many fans hopes of getting to the World Series went up in flames. With tickets sold out, and scalpers selling tickets for outrageous prices, many fans will have to be content watching the World Series from home.

Even so, fans say they're glad their team has made it this far.

"We'll watch it from home," said Rockies fan Cleo Green. "We're Rockies fans whether we're there or whether we're at home, so either way, we'll support them."

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