Program Helps Mesa County Residents Live Well

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, only thirty percent of adults in the US exercise regulary. One local program, however, is getting people all over the Grand Valley to exercise more and eat healthier.

"We're all very busy but we can all do something little every single day," said Tawny Espinoza, a Mesa County Health official. "Eat healthy, get a little bit of physical activity and we can improve our health."

Live Well is a free program designed to help make Mesa County residents eat better foods, and do more physical activity. For many, it's an eye opening experience.

"I thought I was doing pretty good," said Cedaridge resident Brenda Murchison. "It did make me focus and realize I wasn't doing as much as I needed to."

This year, participants have to complete four season challenges, with each season focusing on improving a different aspect of one's health.

The fall challenge had participants exercise 30 to 90 minutes and eat one to five servings of vegetables a day. All this was written down on a logging card which participants turned in for Live Well gear and other prizes.

"We already do exercise some, but having to write it down kind of makes you go exercise a little bit more and make sure you're keeping track of your food," said fourteen-year-old Mckenzie Kimball. "It's just to try to help us stay healthy."

It's this success that is attracting others to the program. Becki Parks just signed her family up for Live Well.

"With my little children, I want them to be just more aware," said Parks. "I want them to think about it."

Officials say over 1500 people have registered with the Live Well program.

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