State of the City

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Monday night, the City Council discussed new plans it hopes to put into place in 2008, and addressed growing concerns about city staff shortages.

The heads of all the city agencies gave reports on the projects their departments are working on for the coming year.

These projects include things like building more hotels, creating more cultural and arts events, and setting up a firefighter training center.

One of the city's main focuses will be the construction of a new state-of-the-art Public Safety Center. The building will replace the current Grand Junction Police Station which Mayor Jim Doody calls a sad state of affairs.

Another issue that was addressed at the meeting was the difficulty the city government has had keeping up with a growing city. The city hopes to hire more firefighters, police officers, and other employees so it can continue to provide quality service to the people of Grand Junction.

"It's finding new technology to meet an increasing service demand," said City Manager Laurie Kadrich. "Sometimes it's adding people, sometimes it's contracting out with a private sector firm, for example, to take care of a certain need."

According to city officials, there are 27 thousand more people coming to the city to shop, work, and do other things on a daily basis than there were ten years ago. With that kind of growth, they say these new projects and updates are vital to the city's ability to do it's job.

Each of the proposed projects was submitted with a budget, but a final budget won't be adopted until later.

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