Clown Pleads Guilty in Sex Case

A man, who performed as Giggles the Clown at children's parties, accused of sending naked pictures over the Internet, may not have to register as a sex offender. He agreed to a plea deal Monday.

Last February, we first introduced you to 30-year-old Antonio Lazcano when an outraged mother, Lisa Doney, said she found nude pictures of him in her 12-year-old daughter's email.

Lazcano pled guilty to trying to lure a child over the Internet. He originally faced much more serious charges, including attempted sexual assault on a child, when he was arrested in April.

Those six felony sex charges against Lazcano will be dropped as soon as the judge signs off on the clown's guilty plea to the attempted Internet luring charge.

"He might as well have written a bad check. He got a slap on the hand and nothing more," said Doney.

She said the Otero County District Attorney Rodney Fouracre promised her the plea would call for Lazcano to register as a sex offender, meaning his whereabouts would be tracked when he gets out of jail. But when 11 News asked Fouracre outside of the courtroom if Lazcano would have to register, Fouracre responded, “I don’t believe so.”

Lazcano’s attorneys wouldn’t comment either.

"It's ridiculous. How many kids have to be touched by this man before someone puts an end to it?" Doney asked.

11 News should find out if Lazcano will have to register as a sex offender in December at his sentencing. He could serve 15 months in the Department of Corrections, but he could get out sooner for time already served. Again, the plea isn't set in stone until the judge signs off on it in 6 weeks.

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