Clifton Man Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Lure Children With Candy

There's one less potential Halloween hazard for parents to worry about as a Clifton man is arrested this week.

Jesse Baker is being charged with sexually assaulting children after allegedly enticing them into his home with candy.

The charges against the 65-year-old stem from several incidents from late September involving three young girls who live nearby the suspect.

According to the arrest affidavit, the three young girls told their parents that an old man named "Jesse" had touched them inappropriately.

Police interviews indicate that Baker gave the girls candy to get them inside his home on White Avenue in Clifton and once inside
the suspect allegedly sexually assaulted them.

The affidavit also disclosed that Baker told one of the girls that he would kill her parents if she told the police about what he had done.

During an interview with investigators last week, Baker said he paid the girls to do chores in his apartment but denied touching the girls.

he was arrested Monday and charged with three counts of child enticement and two counts of sexual assault on a child.