Colorado Rockies Settle Lawsuit Over Tickets

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Denver (AP)-The Colorado Rockies have settled a lawsuit by a
man who demanded reimbursement for World Series tickets he missed
buying -- plus the money he could have made by reselling them.

The amount of the settlement wasn't disclosed. Jeff Sobieck filed the lawsuit October 25th, saying he purchased 12 tickets online and that his credit card was charged $4,694.The suit said he later got an e-mail saying the purchase had been canceled.

Sobieck's lawsuit asked for $18,000, saying the market value of
each ticket was at least $1,500.

General counsel for the Rockies, Hal Roth, said he didn't know
whether Sobieck was a scalper. A phone number for Sobieck could not
be found.

Team spokesman Jay Alves did not immediately return a phone
message seeking comment.

State records show a Jeff Sobieck was an initial member of a
company called Prime Time Tickets LLC, but there was no phone
listing for the company.

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