Buescher Hosts Public Forum On Education

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Grand Junction State Representative Bernie Buescher hosted a public forum Saturday, where residents got a chance to speak their minds on Colorado's educational system.

Rep. Buescher calls the schools in Mesa County exceptional, but says there are still several issues that need to be resolved.

"We've got too many kids that drop out of school, and we've got too many kids that are completing twelfth grade and aren't ready for college," said Rep. Buescher.

Those are only a handful of things that were addressed at the public forum. Parents, teachers, and other residents came together to give their input on what the state can do to improve Colorado schools.

"That gives us the opportunity to make good policy," said Rep. Buescher.

Those who attended the meeting say they want to see more interaction between schools and the community, and that there needs to be more communication between parents and teachers.

They say they'd also like to see the state create more learning opportunities for students outside of school.

"If we want to be able to live in the twenty-first century, we really need to make some innovative changes out there," said ex-school board member Marcia Neal.

Rep. Buescher says when the state legislature is back in session, it will focus on things like putting more counselors in schools, and investing more money in early education.

"If we can get kids on the right path and get them ready to learn when they get to first grade, clearly there is a greater likelihood they will graduate from high school and go on to successful lives," said Rep. Buescher.

Input from the meeting will be presented to Governor Bill Ritter's P-20 Council later this month.