No Poll Problems For Montrose County This Year

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After problem's with last year's election, Montrose County was placed on the Colorado Secretary of State's Election Watch List. This year the county says things went better.

For this year's election, Montrose residents could either mail in their ballots or vote in person at a poll.

Last year, election officials had problems with voting machines not working properly and several people's votes not being counted.

People who went to the polls on Tuesday could use machines or paper ballots.

Montrose County officials say they have learned from their mistakes, and this time around their staff was well trained.

"I think we're doing pretty well," said Montrose County Clerk Francine Tipton-Long. "I like the outcome that we're getting and the turnout of the voters, so I think we are regaining voter confidence."

Tipton-Long says she personally visited all seven polling places across the county and that everything worked out perfectly.

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