Registered Sex Offender Will Likely Not Serve on Delta County School Board

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In a controversial race for the Delta School Board, it appears that Dale Haag, a registered sex offender, will not win the election.

According to unofficial results from Tuesday night, incumbent Bob Tweedell received 62% of the vote, while Haag only received 38%.

Last week, Haag admitted he had to register as a sex offender because of an incident involving a 19 year old woman. He also says he was convicted of manslaughter, after killing two women in a fire he started.

Twenty-five pecent of the voting population in Delta County had already submitted their mail-in ballots before they learned Haag had a criminal history.

Haag spoke to 11 News about his thoughts on the election.

"The extreme cost that I've paid based on my life story being told and exposed, I've believed it's not been wasted," said Haag.

This will be Tweedell's second term as a Delta County School Board Member.

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