Teen Sex Study

There is a new study out on the sexual behavior of teenagers, and whether tax–funded abstinence programs are having the intended effect.

It's a sensitive subject: what to tell teenagers about sex. A report came out on Wednesday issued by a nonpartisan group committed to reducing teen pregnancies.

It found no evidence that programs promoting abstinence only, work to prevent or delay teen sex. The programs are eligible for tens of millions of dollars in federal aid.

The report does find that two–thirds of the 48 comprehensive sex education programs, supporting abstinence along with contraception, do have an effect in delaying the initiation of sex, reducing frequency and the number of partners, and increasing the use of contraception.
Researchers said they found no evidence these programs promote promiscuity or send a mixed message to adolescents.

Instead researchers say teens gained better awareness about the risks and consequences of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, and a greater confidence in their ability to say no.

Congress is now weighing a 141 million dollar spending bill on abstinence only programs. That's 4 million more than what President Bush wanted.

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