High Speed Chase Procedures

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A high speed chase on Tuesday morning claimed the life of an unborn child and earlier this year another chase involving State Patrol ended with the death of two college students.

Colorado State Patrol has a simple high speed pursuit policy; it is all at the discretion of the trooper. Meaning if an attempted stop for a burnt out tail light or a hit and run sends the suspect speeding off, both can begin a high speed chase.

On Tuesday a trooper was led on a high speed chase at speeds of between 80 and 90 miles an hour, the end result was a woman losing an unborn baby girl that was due in just a few weeks.

Another high profile chase involving State Patrol and a former police officer, Patrick Strawmatt. This chase ended with the deaths of two Mesa State students.

Despite these recent tragedies State Patrol says its chase procedures are approved by the Attorney General’s Office, and they stand by the work they do.

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