Mayor Jim Doody Eyes Mesa County Commissioner Job

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Grand Junction Mayor Jim Doody says he's thinking about making a run for the Mesa County Board of Commissioners next year.

At this point Mayor Doody he has not officially decided to run yet. He says he's testing the waters to see the response he gets.

If he does decide to run, he will be campaigning against incumbent and fellow Republican, Craig Meis, who is up for re-election in 2008.

Both Meis and Doody say it's good that Mesa County residents will have multiple candidates and ideas to listen to during the election campaign season. If a race does happen, they both say they will work hard to win.

"There's a lot of people that feel maybe a new direction at the county level is needed," said Mayor Doody. "A lot of people feel I'm more of a balanced type of person in my thought process."

"I think we very much have different backgrounds," said Commissioner Meis. "We have very different goals and objectives, and I certainly feel that, I will no question campaign fast and feverishly."

Mayor Doody will be gone be next week for a conference, but says he will make his final decision when he returns.

Meis says there are several people he would have willingly stepped down for, however, he says Doody is not one of them.

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