Governor's Proposed Budget: Two Initiatives for Veterans

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Colorado Governor Bill Ritter has proposed his budget for 2008,
which includes two different initiatives to help veterans. Saturday State Representative Bernie Buescher sat down to comment on the Governor's budget.

The Governor's new budget proposal asks to repay the 2.3-million dollars that the legislature took from the veterans trust fund back in 2001 and 2002.

Representative Buescher will carry this bill and has been working with the Governor's office for some time now to get those funds repayed.

The money is coming from a portion of funds freed up by Passage of Referendum C.

The veterans fund is used to provide important benefits for veterans and to assist them in getting federal benefits.

Buescher says it's important this fund gets repayed, and it's something we owe our veterans.

Representative Buescher drafted the bill and will be introducing it the first week of the state legislative session in January.

The proposed budget also includes a pilot program for five counties, one of those is Mesa County. It will allow for more veteran service officers that assist veterans with getting their claims filed. This proposal is in response to the large increase in the number of claims by veterans.

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