Celebrating Veterans Day

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Sunday is Veterans Day and this weekend, people all over the Grand Valley are honoring our local heroes who have served in the military.

Thousands gathered in downtown Grand Junction Saturday afternoon for the annual veterans day parade. They all sang a similar tune.

"We need to support the troops," said Becky Lee, the wife of a veteran.

"We've got to support our troops in Iraq," said Vietnam War veteran Adonice Silva.

There was a lot of support for the troops as the crowds gave standing ovations and waved American flags as the vets passed. For many in the Grand Valley, the parade hits very close to home.

"We have a lot of veterans in our family," said Lee. "It's very special to us."

For others, it was a proud reminder of why they serve in the military in the first place. Silva, a Vietnam War veteran says he's honored to have served our country.

"It was the right thing to do," said Silva. "I would like to take care of the problem over there before we get the problem over here."

It's that sense of patriotism that keeps him cheering for American soldiers fighting in Iraq.

"They're doing a great job," said Silva. "I just hope the politicians in Washington don't undermine them, and give them all the support they need."

For Allanis White, Veterans Day means something different. Her husband in the Air Force and is currently serving in Iraq. Although she's proud of him, she just wants him to come home.

"I think it's great, but I wish he would be here and they'd bring him back from Iraq," said White. "They don't need to be there."

Even though she is against the War in Iraq, White says she supports her husband every day, and that the community's response is touching.

"He's there to support us, so we need to support him while he's there," said White.

A special ceremony honoring veterans will take place Sunday morning at the Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial. The ceremony will start at 11:00am.