Fire Department Responds to Ring of Fire in GJ Neighborhood

The Grand Junction Fire Department responds to one Grand Junction neighborhood Sunday morning after residents woke up and found a ring of fire burning in their street.

The fire was discovered at around 3:00am at 24th Street and Hill Avenue.

Police say someone poured gasoline in a circle pattern in the middle of the street, then lit it on fire.

The Grand Junction Fire Department and Police Department responded, but when they arrived on scene, the gas had burnt itself out.

The ring of flames left a black residue on the road.

Officers canvassed the area and found several people, but say they do not believe any of them were connected to the case.

Officials say the fire could have been a lot worse and that they are continuing to investigate this case.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Crime Stoppers tip line at 241-STOP or 1-800-221-STOP.

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