Teen Arrested In Connection With Attempted Murder

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A third teen is facing charges in connection with the October 7th shooting of 20-year-old Jeremy Rosales.

17-year-old James Fine Anderson turned himself in to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office Monday morning at around 11:20 after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Anderson was arrested on October 7, the night of the shooting, and was questioned by investigators. After talking with witnesses, sheriff's deputies say they did not believe he was involved in the shooting and let him go.

After continuing their investigation, authorities are now saying Anderson tried to hide the shotgun that was used to shoot Jeremy Rosales in the stomach.

Anderson is being charged with accessory to attempted first degree murder and tampering with evidence, both of which are felony charges.

According to the arrest affidavit, 18-year-old Michael Lamenca and 17-year-old Daniel Rachal, who are both accused of shooting Rosales, gave the gun to Anderson and told him to get rid of it. The day after the shooting, authorities found the gun wrapped in a black jacket inside Lamenca's house.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office says Anderson made a serious error in judgment.

"People should really take into consideration that when you are concealing a weapon and hindering authorities ability to conduct an investigation, you are committing a crime," said Mesa County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Norma Mestas. "There are very large consequences in making decisions that people do not think are relevant."

The sheriff's office says it will be up the district attorney's office as to whether or not Anderson will be tried as an adult like Lamenca and Rachal.

His bond has not been set at this time.