Colorado Teens Admit To Text Messaging While Driving

AAA released some shocking statistics Tuesday about Colorado teens and their driving habits. The survey found 51% of the teens who responded admitted to texting while they drive and 97% said they know it's dangerous.

The web based survey had 460 teens from 84 different cities statewide respond.

Here's some other key things the survey found: 38% admitted to taking their eyes off the road to text message. 81% of the teens think there should be some legal limitation on cell phone use including texting while they're driving. 73% said strict penalties like loosing their license would make them less likely to text while driving.

Local officials say the results of the survey are scary
and that the best way to combat the problem is for parents to get involved.

The Mesa County Health Department also has a free course to help parents teach their teens to drive and even helps them draft a driving agreement. The next class is November 28th from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Contact the health department for more information.