Biodiesel-run Cars with 1000 Horsepower

A 1000 horsepower Cadillac Escalade that runs on biodiesel fuel, and gets 25 miles to the gallon.

One Wichita innovator is taking it upon himself to make cars more fuel–efficient.

Johnathan Goodwin is a self–educated mechanic who uses bio diesel fuel at its highest efficiency.

Goodwin's company is called H–line conversions. He takes common diesel engines and tweaks them to run on renewable bio–fuels.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's 87 Wagoneer was re–vamped by H-line.
At a cost of $30,000 to $200,000 he does about six conversions a month.

There's enough to demand for 50 a month but Goodwin doesn't want the business to run him.

Goodwin is working on hybrid electric cars next.

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