SWAT Team Seizes Arsenal in Fruitvale Home

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The Mesa County SWAT Team raids a home in Fruitvale looking for an arsenal of weapons.

At about 8a.m. Thursday morning the SWAT team served a no- knock search warrant on A–1 Reposessions in the 500 block of 30 road.

60-year–old William "Bill" Martin is the target of the investigation who lives in the home and runs A-1 Reposessions. Martin is a convicted felon and by colorado law he isn't supposed to own or possess firearms. He was convicted of vehicular assault in 1991.

Deputies seized more than 100 guns in the raid and wouldn't say if they planned to arrest Martin.

Court documents show deputies have been investigating for one year after they were tipped off to Martin's arsenal. One of his guns turned up as evidence in a 2006 domestic violence case. Martin told investigators he had loaned the gun to the suspect in that case to go hunting.

Stay tuned to 11 News to find out when and if Martin will be taken into custody.

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