Accused Attempted Murderer Pleads Guilty To Assault Count

In court Tuesday afternoon, accused attempted murderer Samuel Lincoln pleaded guilty to one count of first–degree assault in the 2005 shooting of James Finnegan. It's a move Judge Diester says will only help the case against him.

Lincoln, 26, and 41–year–old Charles Pruitt are accused of shooting then 18-year-old James Finnegan in the dessert near Grand Junction back in November of 2005. The shooting led to a massive manhunt and at one point officials say Lincoln tried to kill two Mesa County Sheriff's Investigators during a shoot out.

As his high profile attempted murder case moves forward, the court also discussed security measures that will be taken during the trial. The District Attorney's Office says because of Lincoln's violent past they want him to wear a stun belt and shackles during the trial and he will not be able to use a regular pen or pencil.

He'll be back in court Monday.