Affadavit: Teens Hid Gun In Exchange For i-POD

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The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has arrested two teens for allegedly getting rid of the gun used to shoot a Clifton man in the face back in September.

James Young, 15, William Crow, 17, are being held at the Grand Mesa Youth Detention Facility. They are accused of tampering with evidence and being accessories to a crime.

According to an arrest affidavit, 16–year–old Erick Deleon and 14–year–old Thomas English shot Martin Martinez because they say he had raped English's girlfriend.

The affidavit says that after the shooting, Deleon gave the gun to Crow to get rid of and as payment offered him an i–POD Video which he sold and then split the money with crow.

Officials say they found the gun in one of Crow's jackets at his house during a search and that Young threw the barrel out at the dump.

English and Deleon are being charged as adults and face attempted murder charges. Crow and Young have not been in court yet.