Proposed Poisoning of Rifle Gap Reservoir

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The report also proposes enforcing a mandatory removal of all Pike caught at the reservoir. However, Randy Hampton, of the Colorado Division of Wildlife was quick to say that the proposed poisoning and mandatory removal of Pike in the reservoir is just that, a proposal.
Hampton says poisoning would only be used as a last resort to reclaim the lake. Currently there is a no limit catch on Pike in the reservoir, with a voluntary removal of all Pike caught by anglers. Hampton says this voluntary removal will hopefully bring the number of Pike in the reservoir down and allow for the growth of the Walleye in the Reservoir, eventually eliminating all Pike.
Pike were illegally introduced in the reservoir and have since then come to establish themselves as the dominate predator in the reservoir. The D.O.W is concerned the Pike will find their way into Colorado streams, threatening the protected native fish. The D.O.W met with anglers to address their management strategies for Rifle Gap Reservoir and an agreement to was reached to manage for Walleye.
Hampton says that it could take up to three years to see if the current voluntary removal of Pike at Rifle Gap Reservoir will be effective. He also says that if it comes down to poisoning, the public will be made aware of the D.O.W's plan before it is enacted.