Truck Accident Leaves Residents in Orchard Mesa Without Power

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A truck accident sends three people to the hospital and leaves many across Orchard Mesa without power Saturday afternoon.

It happened near the intersection of 27 Road and B 3/4 Road just before 1:00pm.

Authorities say the driver of a white truck ran a stop sign and broadsided a green truck that was going through the intersection. The accident caused both trucks to collide with an power pole.

The driver of the white truck told police he did not see the stop sign. He was cited for careless driving resulting in an injury.

Police say three people in the green truck were transported to St. Mary's Hospital, two of which were children. Their injuries are unknown.

As a result of the crash, many houses and businesses near 27 Road lost power.

Police had to shut down the road for hours while Xcel Energy crews worked to fix the problem. That intersection has now reopened.

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