Powderhorn Worried About Lack of Snow

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Several ski resorts across Colorado say they're not sure if they will be able to open on time due to record warm temperatures and a lack of snow. Now, Powderhorn is saying it's worried about how little snow it's gotten.

Powderhorn officials say record high temperatures in October and November, as well as the dryness in the air, have really hindered their ability to get ready for the upcoming season.

They tell 11 News that based on weather conditions at this point in time, they would be unable to open on December 6 as planned.

However, they say now that temperatures have cooled, they are busy making artificial snow every night. They are also hopeful that two storms moving into the area next week will dump enough snow on the Mesa to open on time.

"We're looking forward to the natural snow adding to the snow making," said Powderhorn Mountain Operations Manager Jim O'Laughlin. "We are pretty confident that we're going to make that December 6 opening."