Smokers in the Grand Valley Frantic Over Walmart's "Mis-Communication"

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Smokers in the Grand Valley have been frantic for the last 24 hours or so, after shopping at the Rimrock Walmart and seeing cigarette prices as high as $90.00 a carton.

A sign hung in the cigarette aisle of the store as of midnight last night. It reads: due to a new state law the price of tobacco products is increasing.

An employee tells 11 News, "told they printed it up because customers weren't believing what was going on."

With no new law in Colorado to raise cigarette tax since 2005, it didn't sound right and neither did the almost $10.00 a pack and $90.00 a carton.

Smokers agree,"$90.00 a carton. O my gosh. That's crazy." "That's a lot of money to be spending on a carton of cigarettes."

11 news contacted the store manager who confirmed what we heard was true. An employee says they were told by management to say it was the state not them.

It was time to contact other cigarette distributors to see if they had to raise their prices too because of a new state law, and no one else has.

The manager of Sinclair on 25 and F Roads says, "If any changes of the state of any kind of increase of any tobacco product, our company would of called us that day and told us to raise our cigarette prices and we haven't heard nothing."

State Representative Bernie Buescher says there's no new law, and State Representative Steve King got down to the bottom of the pricey situation by going and talking with the Rimrock Walmart store manager.

The Rimrock Walmart says everything should be cleared up by Monday.

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