The Holiday Season's Hottest High Tech Gadgets

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Many across the Grand Valley will be shopping for a lot of cool gadgets this holiday season, so 11 News went to check out what's hot and worth your hard earned cash.

Things like digital cameras, video game systems, and iPods are flying off the shelves this holiday season. Stores like Best Buy say, however, that some gadgets stand out above the rest as people flock to buy the must have item of the year.

First there is what store employees call social gaming.

"You've got games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero III which are designed towards having some very interactive controls and designed to work in a group environment," said Best Buy Manager Sean Briffett.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band are two very popular games, and players say they're very addictive. That's what is making them hot this holiday season.

To capture those memories this time of year, semi-professional digital SLR cameras seem to be the way to go. In fact, Best Buy has been selling a bundle. They say this a surprise, because the cameras run anywhere from $600 to $3,000.

"I think some of the photography buffs and people that have been with the thirty-five millimeter cameras for a long time are finally starting to feel comfortable going into the digital world," said Briffett.

This holiday season is all about that digital world. Best Buy employees say HDTVs and Blu-Ray disc players are on the wish lists of many. With prices of those devices at their lowest ever, and more movies and channels going HD, many of those wishes just might come true.

"If I had my choice, I'd love to have one for a Christmas present," said shopper John Hager. "I was hoping that Santa Claus would take care of that for me."

"Looking at the prices of some of the HDTVs, I'm slowly considering upgrading that," said Briffett.

But there's one item that is on the mind of just about everyone -- the Nintendo Wii. The Wii has been out for more than a year, but the stores say it just keeps getting more popular. It's become so popular, holiday shoppers are having a tough time getting their hands on one.

"A lot of places don't even have the game station part, much less any of the accessories left," said shopper Paula Davis.

There's a reason why shoppers aren't seeing as many Wiis as they would like. People say they love how different and interactive Wii is.

"It's a lot of fun," said shopper Kershel Claussen. "It's not your average every day video game. You can actually get up and move around with it, so it's nice to have that."

Best Buy says it will still get a few more Wiis in for the holiday rush, but not as many as some of the other gaming systems. They are being sold for $250.

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