Meet this weeks Grand Valley Power's student of the week

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Fruita Monument High School senior Amy Stampe spends as much time teaching as she does learning. With a somewhat short senior schedule this semester, Stampe uses her free time to teach hockey, skating, and dog training.
Stampe trains her terrier, Rosie Cheeks, to compete in agility and flyball competitions at the highest levels. She has won many awards locally as well as nationally. She also teaches others how to train their own dogs to compete.
Along with playing hockey on her own team, Stampe teaches kids in the Mites hockey league. She says, some of the boys were surprised to see a girl hockey player at first, but once they got to know her things worked out just fine. Aside from teaching kids to play, she also teaches those who want to learn how to play hockey, how to skate.
Stampe keeps a high grade point average and has two academic letters. She plays the bass guitar and sang in the school choir last year. She is learning percussion and still picks up the trombone every once in a while.
Stampe hopes to attend CSU next year and study either business or, more likely, physical education for elementary kids.