Teens Plead Guilty To Shooting Teen In The Face

Two teenagers accused of shooting another teen in the face pleaded guilty to attempted first degree murder, as a result, the the District Attorney's Office is dropping all other charges in the case.

Thomas English, the shooter, faces seven years in youth offender system. If he doesn't complete that he'll serve 24 years in the department of corrections.

Erick Deleon faces 6 years in youth offender system. If that's not completed he will need to serve 20 years in DOC.

The victim in the case, Martin Martinez, says he isn't satisfied with the sentence because he has to live with what happened to him for the rest of his life. Martinez was shot in the face on September 20th when he answered the door of his Clifton home. The shooting left Martinez without vision or hearing on his left side.

Two other teens are also facing charges in the case. Cousins James Young, 15, and 17-year-old William Crow are accused of getting rid of the gun used to shoot Martinez in exchange for an i-POD.