Sam Lincoln on Trial: Victim Testifies

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Back in November of 2005, James Finnegan was shot more than five times and left for dead in the desert. Today he took the stand to testify against one of his accused shooters.

The morning began with opening statements in the case against Sam Lincoln, and then continued with a slew of witnesses including the victim, 22 year old James Finnegan.

Finnegan answered prosecutors questions as to how the morning of November 23, 2007 began and how it ended.

Finnegan said the day started with what he thought was going to be a ride to a friends house, but that ended with him running for his life.

Finnegan testified that Lincoln and Charles Pruitt drove him to the desert off of 25 road.

He then said the two men got of out the car and grabbed a rifle from the car; and Sam pulled a hand gun from a holster.

Finnegan says Lincoln told him to jump into a 30 foot steep ravine,
but he refused to. That's when he says he was shot in the face causing him to fall into the ravine, and at that time began running for his life, all the while being shot at.

Finnegan says he finally fell to the ground and that's when the shooting stopped.

The victim says when he realized he wasn't dead, he climbed up a dune to the road and began walking until a passing motorists found him.

Finnegan suffered bullet wounds to the left cheek, wrist, right knee, right hip and back. The shot to his cheek shattered his face and left him with poor vision and nerve damage.

Finnegan was under the influence of meth that morning when he left the house before the shooting. The defense says because he was under the influence his memory about the shooting might not be accurate.

Lincoln has already plead guilty to one count of first-degree assault in the shooting of Finnegan.

41 year old Charles Pruitt is also facing charges in this case. He is being tried separately.

Attorneys from both sides presented their opening statements today in the case against 26 year old Sam Lincoln.

He is accused of shooting and leaving James Finnegan for dead in the desert in November 2005.

41 year old Charles Pruitt is also accused of playing a part in the shooting.

The two men are being tried separately.

Lincoln's trial is expected to last two weeks and the victim is expected to take the stand.

Lincoln has already pleaded guilty to one count of first degree assault in the shooting of Finnegan.

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