Cartoon Map Commemorates Grand Junction's 125th Anniversary

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The City of Grand Junction was presented with an unusual gift Friday afternoon to commemorate its 125th anniversary.

Local artist Dave Schlosser and local publisher Kevin Van Gundy created a cartoon map of the city. The hand-drawn work features many businesses, people, and landmarks all around Grand Junction and took about three months to complete.

Similar maps of the city have been made since 1989 by the same team. They say this year's map is the best one they've ever done. They hope it will get the same response that maps in the past have received.

"I was just down in the sales tax office for the State of Colorado a couple of weeks ago and they still have one hung up from 1997," said Van Gundy. "They have a life of their own once they get out to the public."

The map will be kept on display at Two Rivers Convention Center

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