High School Student May Have Saved Shooting Victim's Life

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26-year-old Kevin Bonds was released from St. Mary's Hospital after receiving gun shot wounds to his upper torso. The fact that Bond is alive could all be thanks to one young man who lives in the neighborhood where the shooting took place.

18-year-old Doug Hoover got quite a surprise when he pulled into his neighborhood just before 4:00pm Monday afternoon. He says he saw two men fighting in his neighbor's yard, so he went over the help.

As he approached the two men, one of them got up and left in his truck, but the other was still lying on the ground.

"He was just moaning in pain," said Hoover. "He was just screaming 'I've been shot, I'm dying, I'm going to die, please call my girlfriend."

Hoover says he put paper towels over Bonds' gun shot wounds to help stop the bleeding while his neighbor called 911.

He says now that he thinks about it, he can't believe he walked towards a man who had a gun. But at the time, all he could think about was helping Bonds.

"People deal with this stuff every day sometimes in different parts of Grand Junction," said Hoover. "It's just kind of natural instinct to try and help someone else."

Hoover says he still can't believe what took place in his backyard.

"It's one of the better neighborhoods in Grand Junction," said Hoover. "So it's pretty surprising something like this would happen."

Police say they know little about the suspect, but that people like Doug often play a big role in solving these cases.

"The really big thing is just relying on anybody that was in the neighborhood or that heard anything," said Officer Brian Gregor. "That's the kind of stuff police are needing."

Police are asking anyone with information on this incident to call them or the Crime Stoppers tip line at 241-STOP.