Shooting Victim Has Extensive Criminal History

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26-year-old Kevin Bonds continues to recover after he was shot in the upper torso Monday night in Fruitvale. Although he is the victim in this case, records show he has been on the other side of the law many times in the last decade.

11 News pulled Bonds' records from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and he has quite the extensive rap sheet.

Between 1999 and 2007, Bonds has been arrested a total of thirteen times for various reasons.

His most recent arrest came in September of this year after he was found to be in possession of narcotics and other drug paraphernalia. The records show he pled guilty to those charges.

In addition to being busted for drug use, Bonds has been arrested for multiple traffic offenses, driving under the influence, receiving stolen items, possession of a weapon, and simple assault among others.

In 2005, Bonds spent 30 months in prison after being charged with receiving stolen property.

As police continue their search for Bonds' shooter, they say he has been completely uncooperative. According to accounts of the shooting, Bonds was physically fighting with another man right before he was shot. There is no word from police if he will be charged with anything.

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