GJ man gives women a healing, and helping, hand

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - An Orchard Mesa man uses his experience in the Peace Corps to help women become business owners.

Rob Buckley spent several years in the Peace Corps in Nepal. He says during his time there, he got to know many people who were labeled by a certain "caste" that they couldn't escape.

He says 20 percent of those people are considered to be "untouchables." Those are people who are deemed by society as dirty, and touching them is strictly forbidden.

Buckley says he decided to try and break the stereotype by teaching these "untouchables" the art of healing massage. He says at first, he received death threats from people who thought what he was doing was immoral.

Buckley adds that many "untouchable" women are abused, raped, and sold into human trafficking. Once he showed them how to own and operate their own businesses, they were able to make money and buy property.

Buckley came back to Grand Junction and now wants to open a "Healing Massage" school, to teach people how to run their own massage businesses.

Buckley says he has been featured on CNN and in national publications. He believes his massage school can be a way for people to improve their financial situation in life.

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