The University of Colorado Settles Lawsuit

The University of Colorado has agreed to pay two women nearly three million dollars to settle a lawsuit. The women say they were sexually assaulted by football players and recruits.

School officials announced the settlement today saying they did not wish to continue years of lititgation that would damage the University.
University President Hank Brown said they have made major changes in their athletic programs. They have adopted almost every NCAA recruiting guideline and now have one of the most strict recruitment programs in the nation.

Brown said, "I do mean to imply to you that we have taken this problem seriously and we have taken every single measure we can think of to be a reasonable help in protecting our students."

The school also agreed to hire an adviser to monitor compliance with Federal laws governing equal treatment of women. It will also add a
position in the University office of victim assistance.

Brown stated the settlement as well as more than three million dollars in legal fees would be paid by insurance and not through state funds.

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